Water on mars

Huge river valleys were found in many areas. Here is how the liquid water would have been included in the novel possible spoilers coming up: Because of the deeply ingrained secrecy and as long as it rules, the inaccurate perception of Mars as a dry dead world may prevail to the point of undermining our social destruction.

There is enough of this kind of evidence to indicate that this is not geothermal warmed water but natural surface water in a liquid state with the implication that the Mars atmospheric temperature cannot be as cold or as dry as officially portrayed.

However, as you can see in the above 6th image closer view of the crater water site, the surface water in a liquid state evidence is very strong in this crater.

The Next Giant Leap starts right here on Earth. In an extensive training period, candidates will learn the skills they will need on Mars and on their journey there.

The gas rushing underneath a slab to the site of a geyser carves a spiderweb-like pattern of radial channels under the ice, the process being the inverted equivalent of an erosion network formed by water draining through a single plughole.

This leads to geyser-like eruptions of CO2 gas mixed with dark basaltic sand or dust. I suspect that this is an elevated track system because it is mostly arrow straight and unaffected by variations in the terrain ups and downs.

The point is that, from the scientific, to the government, to the population point of view, we need to be taking the data stream being received from Mars and other planets with caution and asking hard questions regarding it rather than just swallowing the too readily accepted norm wholesale without question.

Mars Facts: Life, Water and Robots on the Red Planet

Evidence like that you see here is the leverage to make this happen but it requires you in the public to get involved as it is never going to start at the top where suave Water on mars mediocrity prevails. This forms only in the presence of acidic water, which demonstrates that water once existed on Mars.

In fact, we can probably thank this site's water extreme clarity for overcoming the smudge treatments that would have normally left a grainy pattern on the water surface identified by us as visual haze compromising identifying it as water.

Researchers discover a huge lake of salt water buried beneath Mars. Life could be next

Secrecy comes to rule and then becomes the unquestioned social norm permeating our every day lives. Both the northern polar cap Planum Boreum and the southern polar cap Planum Australe have been observed to grow in thickness during the winter and partially sublime during the summer.

Although generally accepted and supported by diverse experimental evidence [ a], the existence of this second, if metastable, critical point is impossible to prove absolutely at the present time and is disputed by some [,b, ]. It also tells us that the critical instrument data that says that the Mars atmosphere is This is particularly evident when comparing ice-five with the metastable ices ice-four and ice-twelve that may exist in its phase space.

Now this kind of speculation begs the further question of why didn't the image tampering just cover up the track system completely and be done with it. Strong resourceful leaders object and start worming their way in. Many properties of cold liquid water change above about MPa for example, viscosityself-diffusioncompressibilityRaman spectraand molecular separationwhich may be explained by the presence of a high-density liquid phase containing interpenetrating hydrogen bonds.

On top of much of these layered deposits in both hemispheres are caps of water ice that remain frozen all year round.

Search for life on Mars could get water-enhanced boost

The second block is all about samples of large form forest life Mars style none of which are by official consensus suppose to exist at all on this world.

The above 7th image provides a more distant wide-angle view of all of these evidence sites and their physical location relationship to each other. This process to be so precisely done right on the boundary line the track system between two separate tampering fields is very difficult for the AI to accomplish.

Such a process, classified as hydrothermal may have been a place where life on Earth began. I think that all of what we are seeing here is essentially the center areas of the track system and that the whole system width is wide enough to allow objects of pass each other with clearance in their goings and comings.

That means that a secrecy agenda here on Earth could easily falsify this most basic of data and it be very readily accepted.

The average temperature is about minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit minus 60 degrees Celsiusalthough it can vary from minus F minus C near the poles during the winter to as much as 70 F 20 C at midday near the equator. Among its findings is the first meteorite on the surface of the red planet.

Huge linear swathes of scoured ground, known as outflow channelscut across the surface in about 25 places. However, most of these are more visually compromised by the combination of false color and smudge that carpet this entire strip and are therefore less revealing when examined closer.

Why do I say that. At some point this kind of evidence and its implications is going to have to be taken into consideration by the academic and science communities and they are going to have to start raising questions about the most basic of the science data that is suppose to be coming from Mars.

It is hard for evidence to get more obvious than this. Regions of low albedo suggest concentrations of plagioclase feldsparwith northern low albedo regions displaying higher than normal concentrations of sheet silicates and high-silicon glass. The critical point and the orange line in the ice-one phase space refer to the low-density LDA and high-density HDA forms of amorphous water ice [ 16 ].

Inthe United States launched the Mars Odyssey probe, which discovered vast amount of water ice beneath the Martian surface, mostly in the upper three feet one meter.

Water on Mars

Strong resourceful leaders object and start worming their way in. Volcanic plateaus delimit regions of the northern plains, whereas the highlands are punctuated by several large impact basins. In my experience, this is typical of the very heavily obfuscated ESA false color imaging.

It is the hidden Mars demonstrating a shockingly different view that will astound some who only thought they knew this our sister world. Clear as mud: Desiccation cracks help reveal the shape of water on Mars Date: April 19, Source: Geological Society of America Summary: As Curiosity rover marches across Mars, the red planet's.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after douglasishere.com English, Mars carries a name of the Roman god of war, and is often referred to as the "Red Planet" because the reddish iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance that is distinctive among the astronomical bodies visible to the naked eye.

Why B.C. isn’t using the Martin Mars water bomber to fight the wildfires

The notion of water on Mars preceded the space age by hundreds of years. Early telescopic observers correctly assumed that the white polar caps and clouds were indications of water's presence. These observations, coupled with the fact that Mars has a hour day, led astronomer William Herschel to declare in that Mars probably offered its inhabitants "a situation in many respects similar.

MARS TRACK SYSTEM & WATER. Report # October 2, This report is about evidence drawn from Google Mars brought to my attention by viewer Mark Wells. Sep 29,  · Scientists have for the first time confirmed liquid water flowing on the surface of present-day Mars, a finding that will add to speculation that life, if it ever arose there, could persist now.

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Water on mars
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